An idea is born

First it was East Germany. Then the whole state became a footnote in history. Without even moving physically I suddenly woke up in Berlin, capital of re-united Germany. In between was chaos, but that’s another story. I headed on to the USA for a year, returned, spent four month in Israel, returned, moved to Israel for a year and returned again. I already know that I won’t stay. I’ll move on again.

More important than the question, where I will find the next couch to crash on, is the always present issue: Where do I go from here? It’s a subject closely related to Who am I, Why am I and why now?

Lately I’ve been literally in the desert for more than a year. Separated from family, friends and life as I knew it, yet put into my mother’s past the days slowed down. While breathing the sun, breaking my tongue and scaring the hell out of me by just doing what I did, I had time to think. Thinking became learning, learning led me to ideas and ideas searched for a creative outlet. Once I had booked my return ticket, my new art project was born.

Very contra creative it is simply called: Where do I go from here? And yeah, some of my own ideas again scare the hell out of me, as they ask for skills (video making, sculpturing) I haven’t yet explored.


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