Desert Night

[Live broadcast from my head while drawing.]

In the desert at night. The heat of the day radiates from the stones like a memory. I lay on my back. Between me and the heaven’s stars is nothing, the moment and eternity. A late breeze brushes over me. It tickles my toes, winds through my curls. I don’t move. The moon light rests next to me. I gaze straight up. I breathe. The milk of the Milky Way fills my lungs. It’s the past, arriving after a long journey. For a while I listen to its stories. Then I release the breath. The past – it’s gone; reflected by the present into the future. I am here. ‘Who am I?’, I ask. It feels like the right place to do so. The stone underneath me is warm. The stars above me twinkle, some fall. The air is quite. ‘You are the one who would go all the way into the desert, where time stands still, to ask this question. Are you now satisfied?’

[End of broadcast.]

This is the picture I work on. It has a lot Chicago in it yet no desert, but my thoughts were back at Revivim.

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