Water Lily or Big Dream?

Who sees the beauty of a water lily in the swamps between all the reed? But would this lily ever ask to be transplanted for the better shine?

Doodle: Water Lilies in Reed

They say ‘Sorry’ is the hardest word. I think asking another person: ‘Help me!’ is even harder. It comes natural to me to extent a hand and to do whatever is needed for someone else. Yet, to admit that my dreams depend on the goodwill of another, that I need another person to get active in one way or another for my personal advancement, there is nothing natural about that.

Yet, success in art is not just about great ideas, talent and inspired work. It is about creating the moment, exposure, recognition and meeting the right person to the right time. It’s a lot about luck and even more so about help.

I am not sure about the water lily, but I want to shine more. It’s for the first time I really feel confident about the quality of my art and I want it out there. I want people to look at me and see me in what I do. I need help. Together I want to create the moment. Who is out there? Who hears me? I ask.

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