Rambling of Chaos and Balance on a Limb

I walk here out on a limp when I talk about chaos and balance. Or chaos and perfection, as balance is often perceived as the most perfect arrangement. Well, not in a face. The human eye detects perfect balance in a face as something unnatural, what will change over the years with more children born with c-section.

Yet otherwise, we are seeking balance. Breathe in, breathe out – balance! There you go. Balance in a picture, balance in the architecture, balance in our life.

And that though balance is the state of least energy. No energy at all, to say the truth. E=0. As E is as well the product of mass and the speed of light squared, and the speed of light is a constant – squared or not -, the mass of balance, of perfection equals zero.

That doesn’t mean balance doesn’t exist. It just means that perfect balance isn’t achievable with 75 kg and God, who is perfect balance, has no weight. That’s why we are still to prove God’s existence and are left to believe. We are chaos.

Just turn around and look back. What chaos of words I left behind on this limb. It bends under the weight. Perfect chaos seeking balance. Walk with me.

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