Making Faces – The Art of [Being] Angela (painting)

Making Faces - The Art of (Being) Angela, acrylic on canvas with pencil-drawings 140x160

[The painting Making Faces – The Art of (Being) Angela is part of the series ‘Where do I go from here?’. The article was written while I painted it. We are talking about roughly 100 hours work and at least as many perfectly clear (for me), perfectly confusing (for others) mental summersaults. Sorry and You are welcome.]

Once upon a time a sperm hit an egg. It was the fastest, strongest, fittest sperm. Remember that this champion is still an integral part of you, especially when you realize that the world you face is cruel and unfair. You don’t need to work in a forensic medical lab to see this dark, distorted grimace that leaves us in an ocean of faceless victims. Natural disasters, diseases, conflicts, wars and not to forget jealous neighbors, bothersome family, stingy spouses, co-workers, nemeses and the own Self.

And if it is only this one nagging question: ‘Why, oh God and universe, if you had to give me one talent – why did you have to make it an obsessive one, one that doesn’t pay easily nor does it lead to anything like Facebook or Bones?’, it’s like you sit in Vanuatu watching the sun set under a two-arch rainbow yet the world is spoiled for you because – you guessed it – a rainbow being an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the sun shines on a droplet of moisture in the Earth’s atmosphere, for crying out loud it rains even on Vanuatu.

OK, now it is time to focus on this inner champion. What if this world is the cruel and unfair place and all that is sure is that we will die one day? We might not be able to do much, and what we do might not bring along a big change. There will always be murders in this world, and always fighting, illness and tears.

But our champion keeps on dreaming, keeps on walking, keeps on trusting. He takes his talent and doesn’t ask ‘Why?’ If it is art, heck let’s create! Because art keeps the vision of the past alive. Art brings current shortcomings of our thinking and acting home to us. Art shows how the world could be tomorrow. Art gives faces and a face to the world. And sometimes art makes science her bitch, according to Angela (and I agree).


Sticking with Angela and returning to the sperm and the egg, champions keep on loving. Consequentially, Bones turns into Diapers Central. What better occasion than that to think of a list of pregnancies etc. that fathered, sorry, furthered a story:

I might go here like a bull at a gate, but the most successful of them all is the Christmas narration or the Christ myth depending whom you ask. 2000 years old, a fandom larger than any other and a rerun every year – I dare to say that no other story of a pregnancy has influenced humankind more than this.

Here comes my nerd moment: Ever heard of a pregnancy caused in a hyphen? No? Read The Marquise of O. You don’t get it. Read it again. Another story not just furthered by but created around a pregnancy.

I am sailing this boat over to the mainstream and am pursuing the question what happens when you mix humans and werewolves. Will there be cubs? No, of course Lupin and Tonks of Harry Potter had a healthy magical boy. But what is interesting in connection with this pregnancy is that lycanthropes like Lupin fear nothing but the full moon, while the full moon is accidentally also the symbol of the woman in the prime of her life and maternity. In short and easy: The only thing men fear are women and their hormones. No wonder Lupin made to flee.

OK, we are not at the MTV Movie Awards. So, let’s make it a tie in the battle of the Titans by mentioning little vampire hybrids, like Renesme, legitimate daughter of Isabella and Edward Cullen. Here is proof that you can fill a whole book and movie with only the creation and becoming of a baby and it turns out to be a bestseller and big draw.

As we are talking monsters already, let’s give them room to be, well monstrous or even better satanic. Another happy pregnancy movie is Rosemary’s Baby. Err yeah, how exactly did I get from the Bible to Satan’s spawn in five steps? Fast, I need something innocuous like ‘Vanuatu is the place where according to happiness researchers live the happiest people of the planet though it rains there nine months out of 12’. I am happy like a Vanuatuian that Bones added diapers to the product line, but kept the bones. Just think Guns ‘N Roses – it is nothing without the guns or the roses. </list>

Last but not least: Ceterum censeo Carthaginem non iam esse delendam (Furthermore, I think Carthage must be destroyed no more), yet I need to become Angela and Hodgin’s nanny in order to smart-ass Bones and challenge Booth from a completely unexpected angle.

Making Faces - The Art of (Being) Angela, detail of Angela's face


Making Faces - The Art of (Being) Angela, detail of upper ocean of faceless


Making Faces - The Art of (Being) Angela, detail of lower ocean of faceless

Making Faces - The Art of (Being) Angela, detail of face of young boy

Making Faces - The Art of (Being) Angela, detail of face of young girl

Making Faces - The Art of (Being) Angela, detail of face of Vietnamese woman

Making Faces - The Art of (Being) Angela, detail of face of Asian male

Making Faces - The Art of (Being) Angela, detail of face of old woman

Making Faces - The Art of (Being) Angela, detail of face of old man

Making Faces - The Art of (Being) Angela, detail of lower right hand side grimasse

4 thoughts on “Making Faces – The Art of [Being] Angela (painting)

    • Oh my, I was really worried I could offend you by calling it the Christ myth (though this is OH by Bones). Yes, I was thinking of you when writing this exact part. Hence, I am happy that you’re speechless in a good way.

  1. I’ve just indulged myself in all of your words and paintings on this blog. You are an artist in both mediums and have caused my heart to stir more than once. Thank you so much for reaching out the other day to my little group. My life is richer for having crossed paths with yours and I look forward to journeying with you for as long as our paths merge.

    This painting is amazing in the nuances it captures and hearing your thoughts alongside it made the the experience that much better. The detail in all of the faces is extraordinary amd to wrap them in Angela as youve done is breathtaking. I hope one day the world does take note of you and your works. That the book which is your life will be read and appreciated by many for all it has to offer. That you discover what’s next.

    Heather <

    • I am not sure if I am more scared or proud when processing the thought that you’ve read it all. But thanks. And I hope your trust in me will be worth it for everyone in the end.

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