Why I care? – @Project_Bones and @SU2C

‘Every day more than 6000 Europeans are diagnosed with cancer and about 3000 of them die of their disease.’ 

‘Approximately 219,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer every year in the USA.’ 

‘The incidence of colon and rectal cancer is higher in developed countries than in developing countries.’ 

‘There is an increased incidence of cancer in children and young adolescents in Europe.’

These are facts. They underline the notion about the cruelty of the world I elaborated on in my last blog post. Yet honestly, it is much easier to live on a daily base when you don’t acknowledge them. When you’re not affected it’s easy and probably mostly good for the mental health.

I am lucky to decent from a family that hasn’t cancer written all over their genes. My mother might be scared whenever something worse than a cold happens to my bro or me. But that’s a) what it means to be a mother, b) the result of a trip to the Ukraine we made in the summer of ’86 shortly after Tshernobyl. Long story; the result of growing up in East Germany. For me it is more the reason to jokes about my immunity to things like e.coli due to the high level of radiation in my stomach than for cancer scares. So, not affected, time to give it a rest.

Yet then, we are all part of this big knitting pattern. I’ve seen friends suffer. I’ve seen miracles of complete recovery and considerably prolonged life-times due to medical expertise and well, miracle. I’ve seen death. Sometimes it came like a sucker punch. And though I might not have seen my direct future (yet one never knows given the stats mentioned above), I can’t give it a rest. I want more miracles for all.

The medical ones are easier to come by than the real ones. They are not a question of belief, but a question of acting. We all can help producing them. What it takes is money for research and treatment. That way we can Stand Up To Cancer. That way I want to stand up to cancer and I ask for your help too. How?

I teamed up with Project Bones. I did what I do best: I created art. They will raffle off two of the painting. You enter your lot by donating money until June 30, 2011 in the manner described here. Four more painting will be auctioned of privately by Project Bones starting from July 4th (read more here). I ask you to spread the word and donate and/ or bid whatever it is in your possibilities. Don’t do it for me or for ‘them’, do it for yourself; because in the end whatever the stats and odds say, we are all affected.

Thank You

2 thoughts on “Why I care? – @Project_Bones and @SU2C

    • I just try to throw another pebble to help create the avalanche necessary and possible. An effort like this doesn’t work without letting other people know so even an immensely introverted person like me needs to leave her little place. Nothing to thank. Hugs to you.

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