@Project_Bones’ Auction: Bones Goes Pop for Charity – Spread the Word & Participate!

Sweets, the Diner and Hopper, acrylic on canvas 18x29

Booth, the Cowboy and Warhol, acrylic and ink on canvas 30x42

Bones, the Hug and Lichtenstein, acrylic on canvas 20x24

There are things that never cease to make me cry. Unconfirmed news has it that watching the weather forecast for an ordinary summer day in Berlin is such a thing – 19 degrees and a high chance of rain, seriously? Certainly, watching some Bones episodes like The Graft in the Girl falls into this category. The absolute knowledge that sometimes you might not have reached the end of hope, yet the end of science before it should happen, gets me again and again.

What’s left to do when the awareness sets in? Angela brings the Louvre to Amy, because this is what she is able to. But that’s TV and Angela, Amy and the Louvre stand in as parables for us and our actions. In the end, doing what is in our possibilities with what we’ve been given, spells out Hope and adds up to Help in reality too.

I once said if the tears and fears of an artist were compensated in money, there were hardly any starving artists left. Well, as far as I am informed tears and fears still bring no money, yet artwork might; money that can help that the end of science is reached later and hope isn’t the only thing left.

Therefore, and because I am a fan and believe in the power of fandom beyond harassing creators and script writers to ship whoever it is one prefers, I collaborate with the awesome ladies of Project Bones. Through July and August they sell in a silent auction four original paintings of Bones Goes Pop for Charity – an art series I especially created for this purpose. Every cent taken in through the auctions will be split in half and will be donated to Stand Up To Cancer and the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Help us by doing whatever is in your possibilities. Help us to spread the word so that the silent auction doesn’t remain in silence. Participate in the auctions and get your own piece of Sweets, Angela, Booth or Bones for your living room. All necessary information on the auctions can be found at Project Bones’ Headquarters. Please, get active! Thanks.

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