The 7th for @HartHanson – @Project_Bones planned gifts interrupted

When I started out to create Bones goes Pop for Charity I was asked to paint an additional picture – the seventh. Seven, because it is a magical number: seven dwarves, seven marks on Dante upon entering Purgatory, the seventh son of the seventh son, the seventh part of all crops and products for God.

OK, I am kidding. It is fun that it was the seventh in the end, but the number had more to do with the fact that there are six main cast members on Bones. Plus, it was nice to have two pictures to give away in a raffle for all the donors to the two causes (Stand Up To Cancer and Shriners Hospitals for Children) and four paintings for the charity auction that’s going on right now. (BTW, you miss something if you don’t go and bid on Booth.)

Bones Goes Pop for Charity - Hart Hanson's Typewriter

Anyway, the seventh – I was asked to keep it a secret. It was meant to be a surprise, a gift added to the amazing World Map and Baby Book the awesome ladies of Project Bones created with the help of Bones fans worldwide. They meant to hand it to Hart Hanson during the Bones panel on ComicCon San Diego on Friday.

It will not happen as the panel will not take place. It got canceled last minute yesterday and that leaves many people heart crushed; people who saved for a dream and traveled forever. I read a couple of their tweets and all I want to do is to hug them. It is now upon them to make San Diego and the fan gathering an experience of their life time against all odds. Have fun water ballooning Twilight fans in line (to keep them cool of course) or mingling with hobbits or levitating Gryffindors or just dancing the night away on Thursday’s banquet with new friends and old. I am still envying you for that.

As for Project Bones and its gifts that stand in for a fandom gathering behind a cause and a thank you: I hope they will get another chance to hand over the presents because besides winning over decisions, protesting missed opportunities and demanding changes, fandom does something very important: it gathers in front of screens and watches, endures commercials, spends money and applauds the artists – no matter what.

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