The 7th for @HartHanson – @Project_Bones’ gifts arrived

What if a gift goes both ways? Oh, yes it does.

Hart Hanson yesterday with my typewriter painting (photo tweeted by him)

See that smile in the photo? It belongs to Hart Hanson, creator of the TV series Bones and The Finder. It’s his birthday today. So first of all, Happy Birthday Mr. Hanson, a cake, a dance, much love, smiles and kisses and many more to come in a creative flow of life! Maybe even balloons and candles, but let’s not get overboard here.

Then, his smile in the photo isn’t even a fraction of the size of mine. And I can’t wipe it of my face since yesterday night, because the painting he has in his hand is one of mine. More importantly than that, he likes it. That means a lot to me, since – well, I am me and when the idea of this gift was brought up for the first time by Heather, Coleen and Coleen of Project Bones I wasn’t convinced of it.

I love my art. I know its good and I’m not as inhibited as usual when I have colors or words to express myself. And I love the ladies and the work of Project Bones. When they need me or want me, I will always be there for them. If I can get stop being the personification of a Spitzweg’ian artist, I will be inSan Diego next year to hug them all.

Obviously, I love Bones. But then, I’ve never been the real fan girl material – squeezing, screaming and fainting tends to draw too much attention and in general grows annoying very fast. It’s not for me. And this painting as a gift was creating a situation that opened the door to so many interpretations of my intentions that the outcome was rather unpredictable that … (my Asperger traits might talk on, but you should stop pay attention to them right here.)

It came as much of a surprise to me that once I heard that the Bones panel on ComicCon was canceled and therefore the chance to rejoice the people of Bones with my creativity the way they usually delight me seemed gone I felt rather disappointment than relief. Of course I could easily explain it with the disappointment I felt for those who traveled to ComicCon from all over the world etc.

But then, the whole team of Bones lived up to their character and showed their appreciation of fandom by sending ambassadors to the fan gathering and with them their greetings. They delivered back and forth. And in the end, there is just my big smile and true relief and their big smile. And yeah, the gift went both ways.

After all this ‘I’ however, what I really don’t like and apologize for, back to the ‘We’. Because we together can do something. We can do something that people like @wellsbones’ cousin, who died today of Leukemia, have a better chance to live. That’s why Project Bones collects money and raises awareness. That’s why Bones Goes Pop for Charity was created in the first place. Hart Hanson’s gift and Stephen Nathan’s gift are just part of a series that is currently auctioned off by Project Bones. Hurry to bid on Booth here or visit Project Bones’ HQ today to learn what else there is to know. That is a gift not just producing smiles, it is a gift of life.

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