and it was summer. what did it bring?

If I were this British dude, quite famous for his skies and moody clouds – William Turner – I would call this summer splendid. Cloud over cloud piled up on an almost daily base; and they brought rain, so much rain. I am not Turner. Hence, the beauty of this weather is lost on me, at least on a regular base. It is the end of summer and I am seriously sun and light deprived. If not sun and warmth, water melon and sand between the toes, what did this summer bring to be remembered?

Bones, acrylic on canvas 20x30

Bones Goes Pop for Charity – It seems like an eternity has passed since I asked the awesome ladies of Project Bones if they could make use of a series of Bones related art. Yet, it was only back in May. They said they could and they did. Currently the last of the charity auctions is up and running. On September 3, we will learn how much more money the fans of Bones will have donated to Stand Up 2 Cancer and the Shriners Hospitals for Children.




Allowing my mind to make the connection between art and Bones was like giving a kid a shiny, new toy. It grabbed it and ran. And by now I know better than not to work the resulting ideas as it is the only way to get them out of the system.

The Bones doodles happened by chance. Honestly. I saw a photo from the set for season 7. I saw craziness break loose from fandom all around, energy spent on lengthy Twitter debates (sounds like an oxymoron considering the 140 character limit, but if you really try it works – apparently a sign of true devotion) about what seem to be marginal apostils. And in a true pop arty fashion I channeled my own adoration paired with snarky remarks from my schizophrenic twin in little doodles.


Likewise accidental (I don’t kid when I say I am shy to a point that I am my own greatest enemy. I know that I have more talent and intelligence than most people on this planet, but am afraid to annoy anyone with it. Hence, I hardly ever advertise the fruits of my work, what isn’t a good strategy when you must earn money for living.) these doodles came to the attention of the masters of the kingdom – Hart Hanson and Dean Lopata. They rewarded me with a nod that shortly broke my doodle blog and a followship on Twitter. I don’t mean this disrespectful in any way. I truly feel deeply honored by the respect and interest it expresses. But now I have to behave. And I am not sure if creating a Bones episode as a graphic novel counts as behave or mere overestimation of one’s capacities and cockiness leading to trouble…

Jewels of Elul – April/ May it seems had been the courageous time of my year as I did not only approach Project Bones with an offer of cooperation, but also Craig Taubman and Jewels of Elul. I participated last year with a post on my blog and realized that the lack of visual examination of the theme is a missed opportunity. Craig was open to the idea to include art, but it was left upon me to assemble a group of five artists. I left my comfort zone far behind for this. Yet, the artists and the art I found were well worth it, you’ll see. I will participate with Something about Light and Freedom. And that will truly conclude the summer without sun, but some fun.

However, for the seasons to come: Could somebody offer me a place that combines sun and the possibility to survive through creative work? I grew already fins from the rain that is falling again.

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