A Graphic Novel on #Bones – I Did It

In my head was this story of disappointment brooding for days. I wanted to write it down to get it out of my system. (By the clever use of the past tense you can hopefully tell that there is a ‘but’ in the air. It just takes some extra circles as I am not completely over the pre-but stage.)

Well, you know these childhood ideas that never quite go away? One of mine was to draw my own animated movie or at least a comic. When I was in my early teens I even sat down and worked on Rumpelstiltskin. However, you can’t imagine how much work it is and how hard it and how frustrated with yourself and your hands and the paper and the pen and the characters you can get and anyways. – I did it now and went all the way.

I had my play date with the characters of Bones already during Bones Goes Pop and knew I could make them do what I wanted. I had the storyline in my mind. And I felt I was ready for the challenge of taking the stylistic devices a graphic novel offers, the feel of a given set of symbols (what characters of a popular TV series really are) and my signature touch and mix it to something great.


It took me six weeks from the first line sketched out to the finished product – give or take a couple of days. Then I scanned and printed the pages, glued and sewed them to a booklet, put it in an envelope and shipped it to the series creator, producers, cast and crew in Hollywood. Why? Because it is awesome. Because I am a fan and this is my way of squeeing. Because I had seen Hart Hanson and other members of crew and cast appreciative of gifts. And most importantly perhaps – after the awesome fact of course – he and Dean Lopata had voluntarily and unexpectedly praised my art, retweeted even one sneak peek from the comic and follow me. I didn’t feel like I owned them something, more like they would like it.

So, I sent it off. In the days that followed I couldn’t think one coherent thought or sleep right. Once my tracking number told me that it arrived at the FOX lot a week later I became inseparable from my laptop. I switched constantly between Twitter and my email account and wore out the refresh button. It’s hard to get anything done when you are this occupied, believe me. That’s two weeks ago now to the day and nothing. Even though I gathered the courage and asked I still haven’t note that it reached their desks or anything. My excitement turned in disappointment.

BUT (I told you it would come and here it landed) when I thought about how to phrase this so I sound neither ridiculous nor bitter I realized that the most important thing of this story is that I created another piece of beautiful art telling a whole and important story and while doing so fulfilled a childhood dream. It would be amazing to find recognition through it and get another step ahead on my path. Yet, I DID IT.

Yep, I will show you what I talked about – soon, very soon. Hopefully on or around Halloween what coincidences with my birthday and hopefully connected with another donation rally in collaboration with Project Bones. So, stay tuned and be prepared for 36 pages that will blow you away.

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