Project Bones Halloween Trick&Treat – a Bones Comic for Donations

Halloween Trick And Treat

Do you know how many tweets are sent daily, hourly, every minute? Sure, they reach us through the filter which parameters we determine by creating our follow list. Yet still, the constant flow of teeny tiny bits and pieces of information never stops. If we are not glued to the screen 24/7 we miss most of what’s said. And for most parts that is a good thing.

Yet, what I mean to say is the chances to see one particular tweet is comparable to hearing one particular peep in the cacophony created by a passing flock of migratory birds – slim. But it happens. And that’s where this story started for me.

I saw a random tweet (chance, you remember), I followed the link (rather unusual for me), I made contact (highly unusual bordering completely unlikely for me), they replied (quite the phenomenon today). That’s in short how I met the lovely ladies of Project Bones back in spring. Or in Bones time it was, I think, shortly before Bones revealed to Booth that she is pregnant with his baby and the fandom went ‘ahhhh’.

Project Bones collects donations in the Bones fandom for Shriners Hospitals for Children and Stand Up to Cancer. And though I helped them in my way, it is their idea and their work. Praise on them. I say it’s a party required.

What better way to celebrate them at the end of the hiatus, they used to collect donations, than to collect donations for them in a Halloween Trick and Treat?

THE TREAT for you is a Bones graphic novel called Digging up Bones – think fanfic meets art.* It is one of the ideas I’d never allowed me to have without Project Bones. And I owe @Laffers18 for proofreading.

THE TRICK is that you give too. Project Bones came together to showcase the strength of fandom and to promote and support two very important causes. Shriners Hospitals for Children and Stand Up To Cancer do great work and can use any dime you can spare. So, go and fill their Halloween buckets not with the traditional candy to bribe the ghosts to spare your home, but with hope.

Project Bones’ Halloween Trick ‘n’ Treat will take place from October 20 to November 3, 2011. All information, the links for you to leave donations and the link to Digging Up Bones (active starting October 20) can be found on this page.

* Digging Up Bones: People have a habit to burry things. Yet, someone dug up a whole bunch of bones. They end up in a box next to a murder victim on the front steps of the Jeffersonian Institute. Bones for Bones, a rough trip on memory lane for the becoming father.

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