Color Me Crazy Table

I went through my parents’ stuff not without reason. I renovated their apartment or better large parts of it. We couldn’t afford to buy new furniture in addition to all the material necessary. Yet, I never liked their coffee table. And as it was it wouldn’t fit into the overall room design anymore. Since I had left overs from the 1000 Memories installation – I hand made all the slide covers from colored canvas what left me with over 2000 cut out rectangles of approx. the same size – I used those to create me the table I wanted. It’s as bright and colorful as a harlequin. And that fits its purpose perfectly as the harlequin was the one person on the court that could tell the truth even to the king without being punished – making the truth taste sweeter through fun and gags. On a coffee table you are often offered as well truths sweetened with sugary cakes.

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