Just for the fun – Kissing Contest, Go and Match!

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Kissing Contest! Match the 10 kisses to the 10 TV couples from past and present. Don’t put your answers in this thread, but send them to me avbrueckner at gmail dot com till Jan 23, 2012. I am still thinking about a prize, but I guess I will give one of the doodles away for one lucky winner. Oh, and in the upcoming days I will name the couples that can be found in the pictures in tweets. So, if you need hints for the one or the other, look out for those tweets. Last but not least, share this contest with your friends if you think it is fun. The more the merrier.

Kiss 1

Kiss 2

Kiss 3

Kiss 4

Kiss 5

Kiss 6

Kiss 7

Kiss 8

Kiss 9

Kiss 10

Hint #1:

The newest of the kisses above is not yet a week old and was highly anticipated, though I guess in reality it was just one of many for Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. BTW, Happy Birthday, Nina Dobrev!

Hint #2:

Of course there is B&B and their flotilla length kiss, but you”l find another couple of #Bones poking lips.

Hint #3:

All I say is #Angel and Cordie.

Hint #4:

Another last kiss, the kiss of Rose and the Doctor, Dr. Who?

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