Beyond Fan Art – Reasons why I cite TV shows, books and movies in my art

It seems I just can’t stop it. Once and again those images from TV or the movies slip into my paintings. Well, the truth is: I don’t want it to stop. I do it by purpose. And the main purpose is not to curry favor with anyone.

Homage to my favorites

Kiss Elena and Damon from The Vampire Diaries - draft for my latest series

I wouldn’t say that I love TV per se. I am more of a nut creators need to crack before I get hooked. But once I am into something, I am loyal, devoted and I want the whole deal of analyzing, predicting, cheering and commenting – though I do this mostly in my head. And like any fan of something, I want to give back an acknowledgement of gratitude for creating over and over again a fantastic world of ideas and layers. So, every picture I paint, every line I draw based on an image other people made happen, is a homage to what I love to see and to share my head with. Or to phrase it in Tumblr terms: It’s a photo answer to Bones and The Vampire Diaries and a few other.

Easing the art experience

Art is a rather abstract concept. It involves a creation process of some kind. It uses creativity to express something. But beyond this it is a wide open field that often leaves the audience with slight question marks as to why the artist sorted the alphabet soup in alphabetical order when mommy always said, one mustn’t play with food. Using images many people will recognize without problems, makes the access to a painting or any other work of art easier. It is the main idea behind the Pop Art movement that wanted to establish an antipode to Expressionism in which the artist uses his/her personal set of symbols to convey meaning that might or might not be understood by others.

Kiss Brennan and Booth from Bones - draft for my latest series

Of course, these images from TV shows come already with a number of ideas and expectations of their own that the original creator wants to convey. And many a times the consumers of the shows don’t want any interference of the images. But that is the challenge, I like to face. I don’t want to work against the original ideas or erase them, since, as I stated above, I only use what I love. I don’t paint to destroy the image for the viewer. But I do expect more than just consumption of what is served.

Face-Off with the medium – reality vs. imagination

Shows and movies play a big role in our lives. A connection exists between the exponentiation of real life problems and flight into imaginary worlds. Distraction is the magic word. And we need it. It’s crucial in order to relax, to recharge, to keep the memory of utopia in our mind as a goal and to allow ourselves to feel.

But distraction is just a means to an end and not the end itself. TV is not life. Perfection there is not what we should expect for reality. We should hope for it and strive for it, but not despair when we fail to achieve it in its full measure. And even more important, real problems stay real. We have to take a break from them now and then. But then we have to face them with whatever we have hopefully learnt during our break and with all the energy we have gathered.

That’s where I want to lead the thoughts of the viewer when I work with the images. OK, and sometimes I do it because I can and I want to have fun.

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