Happy 200th Mr. Dickens! – Your Characters, TV Shows and some art

The other day I had a little chat about Alaric Slatzman with a friend. Well, it was more like I made a statement and the reply read: I hadn’t given that much thought to this. I do. I am the person who compared the structure of Paradiso in Dante with Hogwarts castle and made a whole art series of it. And as someone who mainly lives in her head, I do take the liberty to take leaps. And what I did here might seem like huge leaps.

Yet, Charles Dickens – one of the, if not the most important writers of the Victorian age – became successful with something that has been taken up by today’s TV shows. His writings were published originally serially – weekly or monthly. So, his stories know cliffhangers and suspension and parallel thread & character development over longer time. He might have been a good screen writer, who knows.

His characters became beloved. So much so that you can find traits of them in today’s stories. Whether this happened intentionally or not, it’s fun to go hunting. And as it is Dickens’ 200th birthday today I went hunting – and painting of course.

The Adventures of Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist - White Collar's Neal Caffrey and Mozzie

Oliver Twist meets Artful Dodger in London and the later taught him all he needed to know about the art of pick pocketing etc. Neal Caffrey is taught by Mozzie to become the con-man he is.







A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities - Bones' Dr. Wyatt, Brennan and Booth

Sydney Cartons thoughts are the end of this awesome story. He took the place of Darny to be guillotined so that later can become happy with his wife and child. Though Dr. Wyatt isn’t dead, Mr. Fry just is too busy to return and cook something nice for the couple, he is the English man who left and did everything to prepare the path for an happy ending of Brennan and Booth.






A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol - Dr. House

Whoever didn’t see this coming – Dr. House as Scrooge – has never taken a peak in my mind.











David Copperfield

David Copperfield - The Finder's Walter Sherman

An orphan with many friends and some antagonists, with a good heart and something special going on about him – that’s not just David Copperfield, it’s also Walter Sherman.








The Old Curiosity Shop

The Old Curiosity Shop - The Vampire Diaries' Elena

Everyone looks for Nell – the bad, the really bad and the good. Some want to protect her, while others see a treasure in her to exploit or want her killed. The bad try to frame and kill the good. They don’t really succeed, yet Nell is dead and her grandfather thinks she will come back if he just waits long enough. Nell and Elena have quite some things in common.

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