American Gothic – El and Peter White Collar Style

So, the other day I did this for the Dickens tribute:


Oliver Twist - White Collar's Neal Caffrey and Mozzie

A friend of mine thought the idea of having Neal and Mozzie looking down from the wall so amusing or appealing that she asked me for the picture. The problem – it isn’t but a sketch (done on considerable poor paper in my sketch pad and in about an hour or less actual drawing time = sketch). I have my pride. What’s in my sketch pad stays in my sketch pad.

I got up this morning with the plan to paint it for real for her. I thought of her and all the other people I met virtually through our shared interest in certain TV Shows and through Project Bones. I smiled about the dream to meet them all this year during ComicCon San Diego. I considered said friend’s request to go to ComicCon Chicago with her as well this summer as I’ll be in the area. I jumped mentally to my last visit ofChicagoabout a year ago. I visited the Art Institute.

American Gothic is a rather small piece. I thought the same when I saw the Mona Lisa or the Sphinxes or the leaning tower inPisa. But I like it, just like Night Hawks. I used Night Hawks once, well twice already as inspiration for some art work. I haven’t done anything with American Gothic yet. Till today.

Neal Caffrey has a bad influence on me – the whole forging thing he has going on. I could forge. But what would be the fun of being a copy of someone when you can create the original? But dabbling in different styles? Time for fun. So, some 1930s Realism, some 1920s Art Deco for your entertainment. (And I will get to the real painting of Pop Art Neal and Mozzie one day).


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