Mirror Image

Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey in White Collar 3.16 Judgement Day


This drawing started out as the translation of a fleeting impulse to send a friend, who seemed down a little pick me up. The result you see here evolved in the process. I worked my way from the fast pencil lines of the face that try to catch a moment before it is over to the plane black and white of the body in front of the mirror. Only when I was done, I saw something more, what made me decide to share with more than just the one person, the drawing was meant for.

While what we see in the mirror might though always changing, quite clear and well defined, with purpose, nuances and facets like a gem, what is visible for others or what they think they see, is different. And more often than not it is yes or no, foldable to fit in a drawer.

Or maybe we all live in an old A-HA video…

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