Dots, Lines, Repetitions

Two pieces today, one idea behind both of them.

Isn’t it amazing what our brain can make from a random collection of dots and lines? Immediately it gets to work and creates an image, matches it to what we know and comes back with the solution: I spot figures. If we had any prior encounter with these figures our brain will even message triumphantly: Hey, we know these people! It will try and fit the pictures with the story connected to the people we have saved in memory. And it will do all this in milliseconds without us even realizing what a wonder it is.

Repetition – usually it’s the way to learning. We repeat to inform our brain that something is important enough to add it to permanent storage. Repetition – if on Tumbler in infinite loop or as a meme on any other social media – it nixes significance however. And even if it is not the exact same picture, our brain, our most amazing tool, is lulled. The clearest of images dissolves into random lines and dots. We have surrendered our most powerful weapon.

[While the Bones design is a work standing by its own that happened out of the moment, the White Collar repetition piled up while I put together the WC Art Encyclopedia. It’s something to wake this sleeping minds.]

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