Bones – Nothing Else, OK and ComicCon San Diego 2012

Back in the beginning of the year I decided that I wanted to go to ComicCon San Diego – people I wanted to see, the inner fan girl I wanted to please, and some silly dreams about a possible push for my art work let me to it. I knew that it was one of those places that are so far outside my comfort zone that they seem to be located on another continent with nine spheres called hell. No, I am not agoraphobic, just a shy, introverted Asperger.

Well, it turned out to be my kind of hell – a rescue from cold feet on puffy clouds and boring lyra music 24/7. It wasn’t all I hoped for, but more than I expected. And then some.



First things first: Bones – the reason I went all the way to San Diego. We camped out in line. I slept exactly half an hour that night – the half hour that Joss Whedon chose to show up in our midst to share hugs and photos. I woke up 10 minutes after he left again and was told, if it had been Hart Hanson my friends had woken me up, but as it was just Joss Whedon they let me sleep. Unfortunately, Hart Hanson – one of the two people I really hoped to meet in person – never made it to San Diego, because he fell sick in the last minute.

The other man that was on my most wanted list was Dean Lopata. He might not know how incredible supportive he actually is for my spirits and work, but he is. And he made his way to San Diego. Unfortunately, this fact was only confirmed to me once I was back at the house from the convention center in the evening. The free Wifi in the convention center never worked for me and so I had no means of communication and hence no way to arrange a meeting in the middle of thousands of people.

But enough of the love declarations. We had seats in the second row in the middle, so you could say we kind of met Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz and Stephen Nathan during the panel. The signing never worked out as we got kicked out of line by a rather very unfriendly female FOX booth employee. I mean it is not her fault that I am weary of any social interaction due to my autism. But there is a line between strictness and impoliteness that this lady trespassed severely.

So, in the end thought the Firefly panel on the same day was awesome and I liked the chance to see the main characters of one of my favorite shows interact outside the script and I had my fun camping out, the Friday was a bit of a disappointment for me that ended in chocolate milk and ice cream.

Otherwise, I mainly spent my time in the panels in Ballroom 20 and (on Sunday) in Hall H as the exhibition hall where I should have gone to make contacts was just a little too much for me. That means I didn’t get much swag like posters or pins, but I saw some great panels. I loved The Vampire Diaries panel – Julie Plec in her mix of insecurity and force was gorgeous to witness, the inner dynamics between the cast was a joy to watch and my heart went out to them all when they spoke up against the censorship of fan questions by the ComicCon panel directors. I had a good time coloring the white tulips for the Fringe panel in line waiting to get in and was lucky to see this panel as well as Dr. Who. Yay for Psych too. And I could make my niece jealous by telling her about my experiences in the Last Airbender panel. But the most hilarious and entertaining panel by far was a combo I just meant to sit through to keep my seat for The Vampire Diaries; and this combo included Family Guy and American Dad. Seth MacFarlane and Seth Green made me happy that day.

The final question: Was it worth it – the back pains, the panic, the sleepless nights? For my art career maybe not, I didn’t really show anything around or talked to anybody or handed out the marvelous business cards my Sister in Law made me the night before I left. For the person I am: yes. I jumped my own shadow again and did something I had to fight for with myself. I had great people around me who supported me, shielded me and never left my side so that I wouldn’t start to panic in the middle of a crowded room. Yet, right in this moment I can’t imagine that as a poor spectator I would do it again. As an artist maybe. In the end this was ComicCon San Diego 2012 for me.

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