Bones – Nothing Else: At the End of the Summer Hiatus the complete series.

The hiatus midseason or between seasons I look for my own fun with Bones as I don’t get the real deal delivered to my apartment every week. So, with Bones in mind, the hope to magic a smile on Hart Hanson & Co’s faces, as they do so often on mine, and Coolidge’s card playing dogs  in the back of my mind I set out to look for Bones at impossible places. Well, she did go missing in the last episode of season 7.

And I mean fans do think there is nothing else but their show/team/band in the world. Hence, the theme was Bones – Nothing Else.

Further, I took Deborah Harkness by her word. In Shadow of Night, the second book of the All Souls Trilogy that was published in the beginning of the summer, she proved that the best way to hide someone is to hide him/her in history. It’s an awesome read as was the first book A Discovery of Witches already. And it prompted me to look for Bones in art history.

There are a lot more ideas tied in with this series about the state of the art of art etc. But I don’t want to bore. And hey, Bones is back next Monday (Sept 17, the day my niece Kati turns 9). It’s time to show this summers fun.

 B as in Bones.(Based on an original medieval Illumination.)
 Sometimes, Bones square the circle.(Based on the Vitruvian Man by L. da Vinci (ca. 1485).)
   The moment when Hart put the spark of life into Bones.(Based on a part of the Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michelangelo (1508-12).)
   If you are a fan, you can look at Bones forever.(Based on The Toilet of Venus by D. Velazquez (1647-51).)
 A very early look into the Bones Writers Room.(Based on The Syndics of the Draper’s Guild by Rembrandt van Rijn (1662).)
 Bones are always on top of things.(Based on Wander Above the Sea of Fog by C.D. Friedrich (1818).)
 Bones rock.(Based on Ballet Dancers in the Wings by E. Degas (1900).)
   Bones is Love.(Based on The Kiss by G. Klimt (1907/08).)
 Bones can be sometimes weird.(Based on Les Demoiselles d”Avignon by P. Picasso (1907).)
 Bones have magic.(Based on The Dance by H. Matisse (1909/10).)
   Bones on a Stairway to Heaven.(Based on Bauhaustreppe by O. Schlemmer (1932).)
 Bones sometimes need help, but don’t dare to ask.(Based on Drowning Girl by R. Lichtenstein (1963).)


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