Note to Self

Note to Self: Once again I am at a point where I just want to give up. Where Ann Hathaway said her husband makes her life a long string of beautiful yesterdays, I think my life is made up of these points. But giving up would mean giving up life, since art is my life now. That’s not just a metaphor. There aren’t a lot of people left I actually talk to or who would just hug e. It’s my own fault, again. I long for social interaction and company. But when an opportunity for communication arrives, I come up dry or with all the wrong things. And I hide again and hurt those who love me with absence, while in my head I’m a lovely, outgoing person.

Self to Note: Suck it up, jellybean. Find another project and then another and another, since that is the string your life is made of and that is all worth it. Chop, chop. Stop whining, get going.

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