The Maze to Life (Painting)

The Maze of Life

*This is for all of you, who I met either online or in person all around the world. But this one was inspired and is especially dedicated to Bob, Aly, Robin, Brad, Lily, Dan, Anya, Lev, Yana, Tessa, Kat, Tiff and whoever else belongs in this list; and of course King, who told me to turn horror into something beautiful. I don’t know about beauty. I am more for depth and thoughtful.*

Once we lived in communities, with our ancestors filling the ground of the local graveyard and the pages of the village chronicles. Everyone knew everyone. And more often than not we were stuck with these people. For better or for worse we were part of a tight knit network.

Our brains still live back in thees times. They are only able to handle 150 connections top, but need them to flourish. Yet today, we are individuals. I’m the last to deny the advantage of having freedom. Hell no, I grew up in a walled-in country under the leadership of a communistic regime. I cherish the freedom to be who I am and where I want it to be. But it comes at a cost. Freedom means as well that we have to seek for the things and beings we want to be tied to and which or whom we allow to limit our freedom to float aimlessly, since freedom itself has no aim or direction. It is freedom after all.

Hence, we stray – meander – wander through the maze of life in search of something or someone: a reason to be, an acknowledgment of existence, friendship, love, a good time, a deep discussion, anything. Jubilating, we might end up in the canyons of the city, in the stream of other seekers. Other human beings! Finally! But while they carry us along, they stay a faceless, uninspiring mass until we are back in the maze alone.

What we really are looking for, is the spark of life – the inspiration. It is true that most of the great accomplishments of humankind were created in solitude, after hours and hours spent lonesome practicing and working. But even the most introverted among us needs the inter-human contact, the security of friendship, the uplifting of love for this one moment of geniality that started the creation’s life.

As I believe that, words and phrases like honor, trust, friendship, truth, reliability, caring and being there for each other still mean something to me. It’s not a show. I don’t use them lightheartedly. I seek those opportunities under whatever circumstances, always putting me and all of me in whatever I do. I don’t think them ever being in the way of having fun. They give us life, joy and pain – the spark, reason and anchor.

While I drew this, a quote popped up on my timeline feed on Twitter. I want to finish with it as it sums up what prompted this picture: Sometimes the path from human being to human being is harder and longer than the path from earth to moon.


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One thought on “The Maze to Life (Painting)

  1. Aviva, as someone who has come to know you through social media, I love seeing this. Your work is so moving to me, inviting, profound, asking questions of me, and yet answering me at the same time. I love that.

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