Kids Are Heroes – Art Auction

There are uncountable causes out there – from immediate disaster relief to finding cures to the high school art, science, sports or reading programs to the local homeless shelter or animal rights & welfare. They all need a champion or two to make them what their heart is burning for and none is less worth than the other. Important is that we get active, because when we care to look we will always find someone, who is worse off than we are, or something that needs exactly the talent and amount of strength and strange that we have to offer and spare.

Being there without needing to be asked, becoming active for others without asking what we can gain from it – that is what being social means and what our society needs so that we can depend on it in case we ever need help ourselves. For that it doesn’t matter if you lack skills in the communication department like me or have always been the tip of the cheerleader pyramid and the center of all social networks. Work and a task is there for everyone, it just takes the right attitude to start and do something.

This attitude is planted into kids like a seed that grows as they mature, never to be forgotten. Kids Are Heroes cares, grooms, promotes, supports and lauds this seed, because they believe that every kid carries the potential in it to change the world – one volunteer deed at a time. To support them is like supporting all the future champions and their causes in a way. Hence, like many other artists I donated artwork so they can raise money with it. Now, you just have to bid the heck out of this auction. We ship internationally, so you don’t have any excuse not to take a look at least.

A signed CD of Taylor Swift? A silk screen print of an assistant of Andy Warhol himself – never underestimate the power of soup? You can find everything here:

The auction starts officially tomorrow, but the bidding already commenced. Every lucky buyer will be also awarded with a square at the Kids Are Heroes Day wall. Btw, I gave Daniel Craig and El & Peter from the art series White Collar- Art Nearly Forged and would be delighted to ship these paintings just to you. Let the fun begin.

Daniel Craig Union Jack Pop Art

El and Peter

El and Peter

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