Bones Shoes for NF Walk

photo (31)

I was asked by a friend to create a pair of shoes to support the efforts to raise money for NF research. There was never a question that I would do it. But a question I was pondering for a while was what I would put on the shoes. Something Bones related, yes. But what?

So, I sat there and scribbled down a list of ideas and values Bones – not just as the show, but also as the team behind it – represents for me and are of importance not just in the race for donations, but also in the quest to find a cure/ help the affected kids and their families:

  • compassion
  • intelligence
  • acceptance
  • team work
  • friendship
  • family
  • appreciation
  • being there for the other no matter what

These are incidentally all things that make a society work because in the end as much as we wish to find a group in which we fit in, each and every one of us is unique and special and schlepping his/her bag of problems through their lives. Some are smaller, some are larger. Hence, any group worth fitting in is a group that doesn’t care for the differences, that takes on willingly the challenge of accommodating all members equally, and tackles all the problems taking one step at a time. It makes the strength and weaknesses of the unique work for everyone.

So, Bones – it’s on the shoes. You will be able to bid for them soon, all money goes to the team participating in the NF walk. More information to come here and all the other channels.

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