Some Shoes of the Summer 2

photo (2) photo (3)

The story of these shoes really started over a year ago, after Comic Con 2012. San Diego had been fun and I do hope to be back for 2014 despite the fact that there are way too many people, not all with the best manners, for granting it a place in my Asperger shaped comfort zone. Anyway, I was asked to create a Christmas present for two special men – Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan.

We had spies in place, who provided us with the shoe sizes as they are not part of your average vita. Thanks to them! The plan however, was spoiled by the German shoe industry that takes seasons very seriously. As you are not supposed to wear canvas sneakers in the cold and snow – god forbid you catch a cold because of a fashion choice – they don’t sell them in autumn/winter; at least not the no name brands which I use since the brand name is usually printed or sewn to the shoe right where I want to paint. Yes, that is very inconsiderate of them.

Come spring we resuscitated the plan – CPR on shoes and such. With as much time as I had I meant to make the designs as personal as I could. I knew of Hart Hanson’s passion for motorcycles and old type writers, but refused a suggested donut design for Stephen Nathan. Instead I fell back on vine and musicals that proved to be a perfect combination. Of course, Bones is hidden in both of the designs at some place and I am not referring to the skeletons.

To finish the story of the shoes: They travelled to Paris and back to Berlin curtsey to bad postal service, before they finally made their way to the US. From Washington State they flew to San Diego (yes, these shoes have travelled more than an average human being) and attended Comic Con 2013 where they were sneaked into a press room – well, they are sneakers after all. And almost a year after they were first thought about they finally were worn by the people they were intended for. Thanks and you are welcome, Sirs. I hope the are a good omen for the new season of Bones that will start on September 16 – less than two weeks from today. So friends and fellow fans, don’t forget to watch, squee, swoon, tweet – and breathe.

Shoes HH& SQC photo

HH and SN fooling around


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