Your Will Be Done

Your Will Be Done

So, let’s cut right to the chase: Yes, this painting contains imagery from BDSM and that while it is a recital of the Pater Noster. If that is all you can see, I am sorry. It is by far not all this painting is about. I had a whole lot of thoughts running through my mind while I worked on this. This list isn’t exhaustive, but gives an idea.

1)   Empty Ritual vs. Living the Ideas

In many cases religion, but not just religion, is boiled down to rules and rituals. You recite given words, you go through the motions, you stick to do and don’t because it has always been done that way, and you are good. When the focus is however on doing the rituals right, these rituals become empty and meaningless. Personally, I take a sinner, who lives up to the meaning of the words, anytime over someone just reciting them in the right fashion.

2)   The Strangling Power of Drawers

I grew up in a godless state. My mom descends from an assimilated Jewish family. My dad was baptized in the Protestant faith, but he too never practiced. The one belief they both shared was that their children should be able to make an educated decision over their religion or atheism when the time came. So, I grew up between menorah and Christmas Mass always encouraged to ask questions and research answers outside the obvious too. Born on Halloween something of a witch was planted in me. I love mythology and the old believes. I find strength in meditation and yoga, meaning Namaste when I say it.

It all comes down to the one thing: When you believe that there might be one entity behind our existence and you look around yourself and see that everything that comes in more than one is shaped completely unique in each issue, you realize that life is about diversity. So, why argue about the right way to thank, to ask, to worship?

3)   Female, Male, Worship

This brought the Moon into the painting, but I don’t want to elaborate too much. I just think a father doesn’t happen without a mother and vice versa. Yes, a child can easily be raised by a single mom or a single dad, two dads, two moms or the mixed version and don’t be any worse for it. It takes a village anyway. But the creation doesn’t happen without male and female cells coming together. So, why praise one over the other?

PS: This was post number 99. I’m still thinking about 100 and what I might do to make it special. Ideas are appreciated.

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