The Alchemy of Bones

So, this is 100, the 100th post on this blog. After some thinking I decided to dedicate this post to some things I do not just like. These things are so important to me, so often on my mind that they continuously influence my art. There is Bones mainly and alchemy.


Eight years ago today Bones walked into my heart as someone, who muttered ‘I don’t know, what this means.’ more often than you would expect from a highly intelligent person. Yet, while she was a fierce protector of the odd little group of people working with her and the souls of the bones brought to her, being human challenged and frightened her.

The alchemists started their work with something called prima materia or first matter. It is chaos, a muddy mix of all the ingredients, very primitive. Yet, the alchemists believed that hidden in it, the gold they soughed already existed. Bones was like this prima materia – the frightening and frightened chaos at the beginning of a path. And so was the group she led and in which she acted as the White Queen – the moon or silver – who kept the other elements safely harbored in her cloak.


In the process of the creation of the philosopher’s stone all elements provoke change and all but mercury (the catalyst) change and evolve. From one gruesome, revolting murder to the other Bones and her elements discovered trust and loyalty. They allowed friendship to grow like an arbor dianae in a place that was formerly too filled with fear of hurt, harm and loss to open up. It was the environment that enabled everyone to stick the head beyond the known, beyond former limitations and borders to discover new worlds, like families.


The alchemical wedding, the union of the King and the Queen, the sun and the moon, of gold and silver is nothing but a new stage in the alchemical process. It is not yet its end. But it already gives hope to me, who still mutters ‘I don’t know what this means.’ frequently, that even the Temperance Brennans of this world can find a place, where they belong; a place where one becomes two and two becomes three and out of the third comes the one that is fourth.

It is eight – Happy Birthday.

PS: Bones is back on Fox in the USA on Monday, September 16th.

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