Something about Permissions and Caring (and @twhiddleston)


I don’t believe that we can change drastically, who we are. Nor do I think we should.

Few of us are exceptionally gifted creatures, who can explore the depth of human being by putting on a mask and making us forget for some time that all they do is playing a role. But that’s what they do – playing a role. While it is, what they are: actors, it is not, who they are.

No one should reduce their life to a role. Fake it till you make it? When you fake, who you are your life will be just a copy, a fake too and lacking. What’s that worth then? And who guarantees you that you will a) ever make it that way or b) are able to let go of the fake when you ‘made it’? A unique life lost.

But I do believe that we have choices that allow us to improve, who we are. And I think we should.


It is up to us to think when following or breezing out completely seems so much more alluring due to its simplicity. We can laugh loud and freely even though it makes us look silly. We can dream up whole universes that become the fertile ground for ideas to improve our reality. We can play and hug and love. It’s up to us to care despite people, who think that it is a weakness that needs to be exploited when offered.

It is our choice to be. We just have to give ourselves the permission slips.

IMG_1179  IMG_1182
IMG_1183 IMG_1181
IMG_1178 IMG_1180
IMG_1177 IMG_1176

One thought on “Something about Permissions and Caring (and @twhiddleston)

  1. What a thought provoking post. I must say that I have one area in my life, one and only one, where faking it until I made it actually changed my heart. But I agree – it is not really the way to go most of the time.

    Your artwork and your words always move me, Aviva. Peace.

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