The Frost Giant’s Tear

photo (9)

Some days ago I found this photo in my timeline:

greatlakes ice

It is a photo of the nearly frozen Great Lakes, a rather seldom phenomenon. But when I looked at it, I saw part of a face – a curve of a lip, one hole of a nose, wrinkly skin and one nearly closed eye with a tear. It was clear to me that I was looking at a crying Frost Giant.

I don’t mean the smurf-blue creatures as depicted in the Marvel movie Thor (which I love nevertheless), who live if one wants to believe the movie makers in a rocky stretch of nothing. According to the Edda Frost Giants (Jötnar) were natural deities, who were not constantly fighting the Aesir and Vanir, but intermarried and had children with them as well. Even Allfather Odin’s mother was a giantess, so was Loki’s father etc.

Legend says that Odin used the body of the first creature ever – Ymir, a Frost Giant – to create the physical world. All things from wind, water and fertility to summer, winter, night, sun, and moon claim Jötunn heritage. And folklore attributes violent weather and even land formations to the Jötnar’s doing.

There is one Jötunn in particular – Aegir – who is the sea personified in a giant. And I think it is Aegir, who is in this photo shedding tears, most likely over the state nature is in today and the world is in today. It is not without reason that we experience these weather caprioles rather constantly now.

One more thing as it popped up while I was drawing this painting: This Time article reports that this weekend Ragnarök will take place, the Viking apocalypse. I just have one wish if it’s true, I want to meet Loki.


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