Welcome to my World (Erika Manuscript #3)

A book for a book. This is the third and final manuscript in the EL James inspired series. While each of the three manuscripts is a standalone with its own, unique look at fandom I also traced the transformation from words to movie with its importance on the picture in them. So it felt just right to base the last that is in its main part a retelling of the story in lines on an extraordinary medieval manuscript that is not a book, but a role – the Ripley Scroll.

But it wasn’t just its shape that made me choose it. The Ripley Scroll is an alchemical manuscript, its imagery referencing the Philosopher’s Stone – the high prize at the end of an alchemist’s labor. Of course, some actually believed that they could create it, create gold or the elixir of life or whatever they thought the Philosopher’s Stone was. In many ways however this transformation is a stand in for a way of life. The main assumption is that the gold you are seeking is already hidden in the mud you start with. It takes many steps, many decisions what to do next to get closer to the gold. Some decisions might lead to setbacks. But a true alchemist never lets the main goal out of sight and knows that there is a next decision and a next step. The transformation isn’t gradual but it is worth the hard work.

Every good story about a character is an alchemical one, a story about self discovery, about struggle and failure and not giving up, about being aware of the many decisions that might lead to the gold inside and to a piece of happiness. It’s Christian’s and Ana’s way too.

But it is also the story of every one of us. Every day, every minute we have choices on what to do, how to act, whether to hide in someone else’s story – to relax there, recharge, learn – or to be aware of the world around us and in us and become slowly, step by step, the gold we were born with that might be able to find the solutions to all the real problems around us – with books and in books (and movies) but in the reality of life.

Last but not least, this manuscript is done like a coloring book. Studies show that coloring increases creativity and decreases stress. With the next two movies far away in the future I thought this fandom dearly needs something to keep it calm during the wait.

Grey Book of Hours (Erika Manuscripts #1)
Raising the ordinary to the Extraordinary (Erika Manuscripts #2)








 rip006  rip007  rip008
 rip009  rip010  rip011
 rip012  rip013  rip014
 rip015  rip016  rip017
 rip018  rip019  rip020
 rip021  rip022  rip023
 rip024  rip025  rip026
 rip027  rip028  rip029
 rip030  rip031  rip032
 rip033  rip034  rip035
 rip036  rip037  rip038
 rip039  rip040  rip041
 rip042  rip043  rip044
 rip045  rip046  rip047
 rip048  rip049  rip050
 rip051  rip052  rip053
 rip054  rip055  rip056
 rip057  rip058  rip059
 rip060  rip061  rip062
 rip063  rip064  rip065
 rip066  rip067  rip068
 rip069  rip070  rip071
 rip072  rip073  rip074
 rip075  rip076  rip077
 rip078  rip079  rip080
 rip081  rip082  rip083
 rip084  rip085  rip086
 rip087  rip088  rip089
 rip090  rip091  rip092
 rip093  rip094  rip095
 rip096  rip097

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