Aviva Brueckner

1013948_684616941554697_1639105878_nI was born in 1975 to an Israeli mother and a German father in East Berlin. I spent my childhood in the middle of ‘The Life of the Others’ until 9 days after my 14th birthday a peaceful revolution broadened my world. At that time I was still too young to participate, yet too old not to care. Highly intelligent, ferociously introverted I was left on the threshold, a place I take with me wherever I go.

I’ve studied now Philosophy
And Jurisprudence, Medicine,
And even, alas! Theology
All through and through with ardour keen!
Here now I stand, poor fool, and see
I’m just as wise as formerly.”

[Goethe, Faust – The first part of the Tragedy]

I am with Goethe’s Faust on this. I hold degrees in Law, Physical Therapy and Graphic and Design. I took interest in Psychology and Philosophy. And I travelled the world, lived in Germany, Israel and the USA, all in an attempt to understand what the world around me apparently gets, but I don’t. Yet, the more I ask, the more questions I have.

“And I found that when I built my own place and just shut the door, the creativity was endless.” [Billy Sherwood]

In the end I create the art of my life and I like to show it. I had shows in Berlin and worked for some well-known projects and clients like the Berlin Buddy Bears, Siemens, the Jewish Hospital in Berlin, Hertha BSC, Verdi and others. Some examples of my work can be seen on my old blog.

I took a break, moved to Israel. I lived in a tiny kibbutz in the Negev desert. There are things a place like this can teach you that you will never hear in the noise of civilization.

“Creativity takes courage.” [Henry Matisse]

I am back – still on my threshold, but better than ever. The question is: Where do I go from here?

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