Bones goes Pop for Charity

Sometimes things happen and you don’t know yet why. About three weeks ago I was ready to paint this picture, but my art supply kept me waiting. I stumbled over some left over canvas and, as it couldn’t remain empty, I painted this. I thought of it as kind of an orphan as it didn’t belong to any series. It still had to find its place.

A few days ago I volunteered for a translation job – just a page, in support of a good cause, not a problem. Project Bones and Team Boreanaz joint forces to gather fans of Bones worldwide and collect money for Shriners Hospitals for Children and Stand Up To Cancer.

When I mailed my translation I added an offer: the lonely painting for your causes. Yet, it was just one painting and two causes. So, maybe I do another one. But whom to choose? Maybe three. But whom to leave out? So, I did six plus one, for the fun. Oh, the ‘plus one’ is actually still a secret, so I did six ;).

Angela and Warhol proved to be a good combination. Hence, I stuck with Pop Art: Bones goes Pop for Charity so to say.

Bones, the Hug and Lichtenstein:

Roy Lichtenstein rose to popularity with his comic style. The women in his pictures are usually very blond and very helpless – King Kong prey. Bones is the opposite of this cliché, definitely the heroine of any graphic novel.

Bones, the Hug and Lichtenstein, acrylic on canvas 20x24

Booth, the Cowboy and Warhol:

In the beginning of season 4 Bones admonishes her English counterpart not to call Booth a cowboy; not because it would offend him, but because he would love it. So, when I gathered ideas first thing that popped into my mind when thinking Booth was Eight Elvises by Warhol. And though I could have gone for a pic with a really big gun, I guess Booth loves shooting the puck even more.

Booth, the Cowboy and Warhol, acrylic and ink on canvas 30x42

Cam, femininity and Niki de Saint-Phalle:

I hesitated first to combine Niki de Saint-Phalle and Camille. Yet, in the end I couldn’t resist the joyful, lively, beautiful and proud femininity of Saint-Phalle’s creations. Nothing else says successful woman life with esprit better than these and Camille.

Cam, Femininity and Niki de Saint-Phalle, acrylic on canvas 21x30

Sweets, the Diner and Hopper:

OK, I acknowledge that Hopper can’t be called a Pop Art artist. He is an American realist. But honestly, how could I let the diner motive pass by and not jump at it? Sweets was the logic choice for the diner scene. For one thing, he is a regular at the Royal Diner. Furthermore, … I could go into details here about the trapped atmosphere of Hopper’s diner (no way out despite the large glass front) and the notion of lonesomeness etc. I just let it be and say, Sweets was the logic choice.

Sweets, the Diner and Hopper, acrylic on canvas 18x29

Angela, TV and Warhol:

As I said, Angela was first and without much thought on why I should do this, I based here painting on Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych. Some say the Diptych represents Marilyn’s life and mortality. Some say it stands for her career in movies and photos. I went for the later and played with the idea of the actor as part of a dream: blurry and faded in the beginning and end, but gaudy, impressive and influential in between.

Hodgins and I had an idea:

Maybe Jasper John’s American flags and the bull’s eye would have been a good Pop Art choice for Hodgins, the conspiracy buff and paranoiac. Yet, I rather went for Hodgins, the scared and panicked dad-to-be and established a clear connection to Angela with the choice of the movie theme.

Hodgins and I had an idea, acrylic on canvas 23x24.5

I am done here now. The paintings will be shipped tomorrow to Project Bones and they will take over. Look out for another project of Project Bones to raise money.



14 thoughts on “Bones goes Pop for Charity

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    • Very Bones – ish reply: The heart, being a muscle, doesn’t know about generosity. And the doctor actual once said that for the sportsman I’ve once been, my heart is rather on the small side. 😉

  2. What beautiful pieces of work! I love the mix of styles and how well familiar Bones images sit within them. The eventual owners of these items are very lucky.

    Think it’s really awesome of you to do this for Project Bones.

    • Thanks. I had fun creating them just for this cause. And I sure hope they’ll find a great new home with people willing to spend a lot of money for Stand Up 2 Cancer and Shriners Hospitals for Children.

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