Hogwarts and Dante’s Nine Spheres of Paradiso

Little known fact, but Harry Potter introduced me to the world of social media. What is, if you think about it, odd as Harry Potter is only really alive in a world without computer. But the first online forum I ever laid my eye on was either The Leaky Cauldron or Chambers of Secrets and I am pretty sure I first joined the later. In the end I settled however, in the much smaller Harry Potter Network.

I soon learnt that a) online fandom is a rough place, b) shipping and cherishing the right people is everything, and c) a nerd stays a nerd even in what outsiders would call a nerd squad. The constant bickering, pocking, fighting, and open hostility between the different fan groups made me leave the community shortly after Book 7 was published and everything said with no desire to ever enter any online fandom again. (OK, I am now in touch with the Bones fandom but – different story.)

Yet, it was only through my excursion into the HP fandom that I was introduced to blogging, Twitter, and Facebook and it was through people I met on the forums that I worked my biggest arty nerd project so far: Hogwarts and Dante’s Nine Spheres of Paradiso. 10 paintings, 10 essays – from the ascent to Paradise to the Heavenly Rose – I illustrated parallels in the design of Paradise in Dante Aligheri’s Divine Comedy and Hogwarts in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series complete with acting characters, symbolism and all.

Now, that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 hits the theaters world wide and thereby marks an end to this era, is a good moment to bring the project to this blog. I officially invite you to take a dive into a pensive with me.

Ascent to Paradise Moon Sphere
Mercury Sphere Venus Sphere
Sun Sphere Mars Sphere
Jupiter Sphere Saturn Sphere
Fixed Stars Empyrean Heaven

6 thoughts on “Hogwarts and Dante’s Nine Spheres of Paradiso

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