Pencil Play

Some practice pieces are too nice to leave them rest in the sketch pads. They shall get a place here.

St. Michael by Raphael

Raphael’s St. George and the Dragon

This gives proof to my nerdy side. This Raphael combines awesome TV show with High Renaissance painting and one of my all time favorite pieces of literature – Dante’s Divine Comedy. A pure outburst of creative power. The Earth without art would be just eh.

Triumph of Galatea (Raphael) – about 10 years after St. Michael and St. George

Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey in 2.05 Unfinished Business

The scene takes place at night in the back seat of a limousine. Matt Bomer’s hair is gelled back, leaving his face wide open. Due to the darkness/spotlights situation it becomes a play of light and shadow that draws the viewers focus to his intense eyes. To reproduce it was my challenge.

Based on a Vampire Diaries promotion picture to 3.15 All My Children

I saw the original photo as a RT in Joseph Morgan’s timeline and was too intrigued by the lines to let it pass. Furthermore, there was this nod to Oskar Schlemmer’s Bauhaustreppe hanging in the air, a painting Roy Lichtenstein redid in Pop Art style. So, while staying up to watch the Super Bowl 2012 from Indianapolis I did my own version of the promo pic to The Vampire Diaries 3.15 All My Children.

TJ Thyne aka Dr. Jack Hodgins from Bones

Joseph Morgan aka Klaus from The Vampire Diaries

These two portraits were created in the same session. A friend asked me for the longest time to make a portrait of TJ Thyne and his blue eyes. I felt like surrounding me with beautiful men that day and added Joseph Morgan and his blue eyes. In the end it is not just that these drawings are done by the same hand that they look so incredibly similar. These two most definitely share the same genetic heritage and if they ever need two men playing brothers, these two could pull it off easily.

Daniel Craig sketches


Supernatural 3


Tom Hiddleston


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