Digging Up Bones – A Bones Graphic Novel (Project Bones’ Halloween Trick and Treat)

Halloween Trick And Treat

Welcome to the party, please come in. What we celebrate? Let’s see: Halloween, the end of Bones season summer break, the beginning of magical season 7, maybe my birthday, but most of all seven great ladies and their work for the good of others all during the hiatus and all the people who helped them reach their goals.

When Project Bones rejoined their forces this year, it was to prove that Nothing Happens Unless First a Dream, to celebrate fandom and friendship, and last but not least to give back. They gave us the Bones Baby Book and a Bones World Map. And they choose to promote and support two important causes – Stand Up To Cancer and Shriners Hospitals for Children – by uniting, channeling and exponentiating the fans’ force.

So far they collected $5,058.94!

That’s awesome and more than they ever expected. Yet, don’t you think as well that this is an odd number? Why not 5,060 or 5,100 or 5,500? Round numbers rule.

We can make that possible as any dime for the causes is a Dime well spent. Therefore, I declare this party to be the official PROJECT BONES HALLOWEEN TRICK AND TREAT. The TRICK is that you put more Dimes and Dollars into these candy buckets:

Stand Up To Cancer Shriners Hospitals for Children

And the TREAT is, as a thank you for all what you fans already made possible during this season break and for all you do now, a Bones graphic novel: Digging up Bones. Press here or on the front cover of Digging up Bones to enter the story.

Digging Up Bones: People have a habit to burry things. Yet, someone dug up a whole bunch of bones. They end up in a box next to a murder victim on the front steps of the Jeffersonian Institute. Bones for Bones, a rough trip on memory lane for the becoming father.

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