Digging up Bones – pages 11/12

Digging up Bones at Project Bones Halloween Trick and Treat

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Booth: You, telling me how the two of you feel.Booth: Bones, you are talking to me: Booth. Short translation?

Booth: You don’t want to order first?

Brennan: Who is first?Brennan: Pregnancy hormones have a relaxing effect on all of my body tissues including the matrix of my blood vessels that shows in an accumulation of lymph fluid in my extremities. Less tender ligaments lead to a generalized instability of my joints. Combines with a decrease of strength in my musculus rectus abdominalis and musculi obliquus transversi it results in tension in my lumbar region –

Brennan: My back hurts, my feet are swollen and our child practices break dancing on my bladder. In short, I fell how a pregnant woman feels according to Angela. Are we talking about the case now?

Brennan: I have your fries. I eat, you talk.

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