Digging up Bones – pages 13/14

Digging up Bones at Project Bones Halloween Trick and Treat

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Booth: Branko Kovac, our stabbing victim was born in Ex-Yugoslavia. His parents sent him to live with his uncle and aunt in Germany age 3. Shortly after his parents went missing in the war. They are presumed dead. His aunt and uncle adopted him and he gained German citizenship.
He was a first year computer engineering student. Police have no record on him.
His family and friends all say the same thing – he wanted to visit a friend in D.C., yet none of them know anything about the friend other than that they met on the internet.
You want more?Brennan: Maybe pie. It’s interesting what effect pregnancy has on the taste buds. I’m not just tolerating cooked fruit now, I seem to enjoy them. Anyway, Mr. Bray and I started to catalogue the content of the box. These bones – and some are only small fragments – appear to have been in the ground for years. Decades even. Osteoblasten count tells us that they are bones of children along with those of adults and elderly – men and women.
Booth: Cam said you found evidence of gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma?Brennan: Yes. If I had to compare this find with anything I’ve seen before I’d say the killing fields in Rwanda. The only difference is, these people were of Caucasian origin.

Booth: So, we have a young man who was born in a war area, who carried the remains of people probably murdered in genocide, who was murdered on the steps of a museum in D.C.

Brennan: You don’t thing he wanted to bring these bones to me? I’m a world renowned expert in the field of forensic anthropology working at the Jeffersonian.

Booth: This thought crossed my mind already –

Brennan: Or he wanted to reach you through me. It’s also known that we work together and you shot someone in Ex-Yugoslavia.

Booth: BONES!

Brennan: Yes, you’re right. That’s a bit far-fetched. Oh, please excuse me. Our child is kicking my bladder again.

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