Digging up Bones – pages 17&18

Digging up Bones at Project Bones Halloween Trick and Treat

Click on the picture to see them in a larger version.

Hodgins: I was about to call you, Booth. I can tell you exactly where these bones were buried.Cam: I found epithelium cells under the finger nails of our stabbing victim and hair with follicles on his clothing. Both not from the victim, but from two different men.

Booth: Hold it for a second, both of you. We found the victim’s laptop and I need Angela to work her magic on it as I guess none of you can give me the name of Kovac’s friend in D.C. yet.

Angela: Could you please keep it quiet! Michael isn’t feeling well today. These stupid teeth are pestering him so much that day care called and had me pick him up. I just managed to sooth him.Booth: But the computer –

Angela: Booth, I am a woman. We are born to multitask or do you think Bren will go all house wife on you once the baby is born? Actually, I can see that thought crossing your mind. But all I have to say to that is: Forget it!

Hodgins: ANGIE!

Angela: No Hodgins. This man should be beside himself with joy. Instead he bugs Bren with his marriage and family thing as if he expects Bren would run, doubting he is good and safe for her. It’s a bit too late for that now, big man.

Booth: Who are you? Sweets?

Angela: No, just someone that loves you both, wishing the two of you nothing but happiness. Give me that computer.

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