Digging up Bones – pages 29&30

Digging up Bones at Project Bones Halloween Trick and Treat

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Booth: Sweets said I should call you. Something about the DNA?Cam: Is Sweets psychic now? I hadn’t even checked the results till this very second. But Dajan Radic is not your man. He’d been in contact with Kovac, given that it was his hair on the clothes. Yet, the epithelium cells beneath the fingernails, that are much more likely the remains of the fight the witnesses reported about, are not his.

Booth: Thanks, Cam.

Cam: Sorry big man, but this time your internal radar was off.

Sweets: OK, I am curious personally: Isn’t what you intended a complete joke? Digging up bones, flying them around half the planet, scaring bystanders to death by placing them like a bomb in a museum. Any chain of evidence would have been shattered by the time these bones reached Dr. Brennan. They wouldn’t hold up in court, wouldn’t help a conviction in Den Hague.Dajan Radic: What are those two old men? Sure, we would love to see them pay personally, but we have hope that they will meet fair justice eventually. In the end however, we care more for the future.

Sweets: By digging up bones?

D.R.: People have a tendency to bury things – not just their dead and not just in soil. What’s unpleasant and bad we try to forget. You are the expert here Dr. Sweets, you tell me: Does this solve a thing?

Sweets: Well, repression is a coping technique, very efficient in the early days after a traumatic experience. It helps us as humans to deal with almost everything, to go on and secure our survival. But when left unprocessed the original trauma remains immanent and can factor stress, fear, violence –

And if the old wound is triggered, hell is likely to break loose. People then tend to fall into old patterns and repeat old mistakes. They create without wanting to new bones to bury.

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