Digging up Bones – pages 31&32

Digging up Bones at Project Bones Halloween Trick and Treat

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Sweets: So, you literally dug out the bones so that everyone has to deal with them again?

Dajan Radic: Yes, because we don’t want to forget, but to cherish what has happened as the opportunity it is – the opportunity to learn, cope and evolve – as a single person and anthropologically.

Sweets: Wow. That’s crazy, you know, but in a poetic way. – So, two things before we are done: Why did you not place the bones in the museum? Why have Branco Kovac fly here and do it?

Dajan Radic: We intended for him to ‘forget’ the box in the Jeffersonian, knowing that a box like that would be treated like a bomb threat. But it is hard to explain how you forget a box full of bones somewhere when caught. So, we wanted to limit the chances of being caught in the first place by having a stranger come and go before investigation could set in.

Sweets: And who do you think killed Branco Kovac?

Dajan Radic: As much as I hate to think that, it can only be one of our group. I thought we all came together for the same reasons, being orphans of the same war and all, but – I’ll give you the list of names.

Sweets: Thank you.

Dajan Radic: Not for that. I want to find Branko’s murderer more than anyone. But could you tell the other guy that I don’t hate him, not anymore. Yet, maybe he too could use some therapy. It helped me…

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