Digging up Bones – pages 33&34

Digging up Bones at Project Bones Halloween Trick and Treat

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Sweets: So Hodgins, you took Mika for a walk and just happened to stumble across the murder weapon?Hodgins: That’s not exactly what happened. My beautiful and awesomely smart wife looked through all the security tapes the Jeffersonian had of the area.

Angela: Yes, I found footage of our suspect in two different places, once just seconds before the murder and a couple of minutes after. It wasn’t yet enough to identify the guy, but something struck me as different between the two sequences.

Hodgins: Then she got occupied with Radic’s laptop and Mr. Staccato proved he was named rightly and Booth here said I should take care of my son, so I took him for a walk around the premises. We walked from the main entrance towards the second camera that caught the suspect and between some bushes I found a hoody with the knife wrapped in it.

Cam: Then I found finger prints on the murder weapon. And while I matched the finger prints with those Ivo Boric left at immigration a week ago –

Angela: I could identify the man on the security tapes as Ivo Boric using the photos he posted on the site of Radic’s Orphans of War group.Hodgins: Do we know why he did it?

Booth: Caught in the past and not able to forgive or move on. General Radic was a hero for Boric’s family. He wanted to prevent Dajan Radic from dragging everything his father stood for through the mud. It is said that General Radic was shot by Bosnian snipers. Boric thought instead of promoting mutual understanding between the people, Dajan of all the people should call for revenge.

Angela: Great that people like Dajan exist. Having you father shot by a sniper and your mother commit suicide because of that when you are still a child – that must be tough. Still, he evolved above all this violence and restores my belief in human kind.

Booth: Yes, he grew up to be a great person.

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