Digging up Bones – pages 3&4

Digging up Bones at Project Bones Halloween Trick and Treat

Click on the picture to see them in a larger version.

Booth: I want to get our baby one of these. Look, it’s even signed.Brennan: Booth, the baby is due in six weeks.

Booth: Yes, and…?

Brennan: All our baby will be able to do with this glove in the first couple of months will be to salivate on it. It will not develop the necessary cognitive skills to know what the use of this thing is for years, let alone possess the motor skills necessary to put the glove on the right hand or the eye-hand-coordination required to catch the ball.

Booth: You sure know how to spoil a moment!

Brennan: This can’t be a surprise to you. You have Parker. You should know, be it from books or from first hand experience, how it is. Did you present him with a glove for his birth?

Booth: No. I gave him skates. A helmet. A hockey stick. A puck. And a Flyers jersey. He looked so cute in the uniform – once you found him under all the cloth.

Brennan (thinking): You’re serious?
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