Digging up Bones – pages 35&36

Digging up Bones at Project Bones Halloween Trick and Treat

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Booth: I understand why you kicked me out of the interrogation room. And I can acknowledge that I fear that people judge me for what I’ve done without considering the circumstances and might be repelled by that so that I have developed a greater desire than usual to protect, make things right and bind others to me.

Sweets: OK, that was very good Agent Booth.

Booth: Yet, I roundly deny that this is the reason why I want to marry you, Bones.

Bones: Then what? Give me a logic explanation for the illogic desire to form a legal obligation based on chemical reactions influencing our brains.

Booth: You’ve got it all wrong. You marrying me wouldn’t be about any legal obligations or fiscal rights. It would be about me acknowledging evolution and logic –

Bones: Which work even without you acknowledging them –

Booth: And you acknowledging that human feelings and emotions like love are more than mere passing chemical reactions.

Bones: You mean like sexual intercourse is more than the mere exchange of body fluids.

Booth: Yes Bones, like that.

Sweets: You know, when I listen to you I think I should ask Daisy to marry me again.

Booth: Too young, Sweets. – Bones: That’s really not a good idea, Sweets.

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