Digging up Bones – pages 5&6

Digging up Bones at Project Bones Halloween Trick and Treat

Click on the picture to see them in a larger version.

Booth: According to the summary they gave me, we are perfectly on schedule. But that’s not why you call, is it?At the lab?

Bones does not deal with anything less decomposed than skeletons.

Can’t one of the interns document the scene? Whatever fits in a shoe box can’t require my pregnant wife and our unborn child at a fresh murder scene.

But ‘my wife’ sounds so good…

Cam: How was the ultra sound?No, you are right. We need the two of you back here now.The main entrance of the exhibition area. Someone was stabbed on the stairs.

It’s not the stabbing victim Dr. Brennan is needed for. It is the content of the box, police first thought was a bomb.

Brennan: Cam, don’t let anyone else touch my evidence. I’ll be right there.
We are partners, Booth. Not married. Never will. And murders are our job.

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