Digging up Bones – pages 7/8

Digging up Bones at Project Bones Halloween Trick and Treat

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Booth: So, now that we are at the crime scene, PARTNER, what can you tell me about him? Or her?Brennan: These are the remains of more than one person.

Booth: You say that like I should have seen it.

Brennan: You should. There are clearly more than seven cervical vertebrae visible, even from where you are standing.

Booth: And a human being can’t have more than seven of these bones? We have hundreds all together.Brennan: No mammal has more than seven bones in the neck spin.

Booth: Not even a giraffe?

Brennan: let’s hope our baby gets our looks and my intelligence.

Booth: What was that?

Brennan: Excessive amounts of hormones flushing through my body, Booth. I acknowledge the fact that these hormones make me talk.

Booth: You mean, your hormones are talking?

Brennan: I am sure that this is nonsense. Shall we get back to work? – These bone fragments in the box differ in size, but seem to be in approximately the same state of decomposition. They are all covered in dirt as if they have been in the ground for some time – I’d say over several years – and then someone dug them up. I can’t determine cause of death here or even tall you, how many people we are dealing with. I need all of this – the bones, the box, the wrapping paper, the body etc. – all brought back to the lab.

Booth: You heard the doctor, wrap everything up and bring it over to the lab.

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