Centre Pompidou

In an attempt to revive the Marais the French decided to build the largest museum for modern art in Europe. It was not just suppose to be a museum; it was to be the French nerve center of art and culture, bringing together different forms of expression. France is a centralized state, in this light centralizing culture as well might make sense.

Anyway, in the end the building, opened to the public in 1977, houses the Bibliotheque publique d’information (a huge public library and information center where Kate finds the newspaper clips with pictures of Vincent and Ambrose), the Musee National d’Art Modern (where Kate runs into Jules in front of the painting by Ferdinand Legere) and the IRCAM (a center for music and acoustic research).

The building was designed in the style of high-tech architecture. This means it looks strangely like a power station or steam machine built from colorful scrap metal. Apparently, the chaos of primary colors once had a system behind it: similar functional structural elements were colored the same. Yet, experts say that the color coding has partially lapsed. I say, I can forgive the building since their art collection is amazing.


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