Ile Saint Louis

Saint Louis is no one else but Louis IX, the ambitious king of France, who bought the extensive collection of Passion relics and built Sainte-Chapelle for them. The Catholic Church later made him a saint. And one of the two natural islands of Paris in the Seine was named after him.

This tiny island was originally used for gazing of market cattle and stocking wood. During the 17th century it was planned, mapped and built from end to end. The urban mansions built back then by rich nobility still line the narrow streets that cross the island today.

At the tip of the island that faces Ile de la Cite is a small quay. This is where Vincent takes Kate to talk about a possible relationship between them and where Kate isn’t ready to commit to anything but the next date.

A little note on the side: one of the bridges connecting Ile St Louis with the right river bank is Pont Marie. The legend says that when you pass under the bridge for the first time, you are granted a wish that is bound to come true. But don’t sue me if it doesn’t work.



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