Sacre Coeur

Vincent falls to his death at Sacre Coeur. Such a beautiful place for such a heartbreaking occasion! Sacre Coeur is located on the Butte Montmatre, the highest point of the city. The splendid white church that stays white no matter what, due to some ingredients in the stone used to built the church between 1875 and 1914, was consecrated only after WWI in 1919. When planned, it was meant to become a national symbol of penance for the excesses of the Second Empire (the time the Opera Garnier was built, speaking of excesses) and the socialist Paris Commune of 1871. Hence this Catholic church, embodiment of conservative public moral, was built right next to the most rebellious neighborhood filled with artists and intellectuals. Yet then, WWI came and the outlook changed. When consecrated the church was dedicated to those who died often the most gruesome deaths on the battlefields like Jules.


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