TV in front a background of reality

Stefan and Elena from TVD, Background: melting polar caps

The teens and twenties of the last century; between two world wars, an economic downturn and the Great Depression traditions were discarded, life became faster, people further apart became closer connected, working environments and social structures changed tremendously and the arts of every shade bloomed. They call it the Golden or Roaring Twenties – Jazz and Art Deco, Bauhaus, expressionism and surrealism, radio and the movies, dancing and fashion, a lost generation, modern women and their right to vote, Harlem renaissance, science, cars, the beginning of consumerism and social criticism.

I don’t know exactly how the people back then felt or thought. My guess is that just like us a hundred years later they oscillated between amazement, knight errantry and angst. This conglomerate was channeled into an outburst of creativity that was fueled by the time’s accentuation of ‘no traditions, no rules, no limits, no strings attached’, and that stilled a need for – as strange as it may seem – normalcy and idyllic world for the masses. The first big stars emerged and with them fandom.

Angela and Hodgins from Bones, Background: dried out river bed due to drought

The three big ‘S’ of fandom: Squeeing, Swooning, Shipping. While I think that squeeing became an integral part of fandom with Elvis and the Beatles, swooning and shipping have been around from the beginning. It might be of the least importance who is kissing who or should be or will be, but it’s great for the heart and as a distraction. Brennan and Booth from Bones kept their fans in love limbo for years before at the end of the sixth season tragedy did the trick for them. The question of Elena, Stefan, Damon, and or or is still undecided, while Caroline tries to make all shippers happy by collecting Matt and Taylor and now Claus. Even in the cruel realities of the Hunger Games in Panem the most important question seems to be Peeta or Gale?

Damon and Elena from TVD, Background: landscape after conflagration

But here it is; the cruel reality breaks through. The Hunger Games trilogy captured my mind the way it did because I grew up in a totalitarian regime that was swept away by a peaceful revolution when I was a teenager. Not all results were pleasing or matched the goals; different interests of competing groups had different impact – a lot shades of grey on display. I drew parallels.

And just like in this example reality is the background in front of which shows unfold. It is the catalyst of creativity, it is the reason we are driven to the pretty moving pictures with fantastic story lines, but it is also filled with problems that are far bigger than the wrong ship. Natural disasters, wars, economic crisis, illnesses without a cure … – pick yours.

For this art series, sparked by the work of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, I picked the man-made destruction of nature and the visible effects thereof on the planet as a running theme. It is the background – in its display inspired by the shapes and colors of the art of the Golden 20s – to the kisses of some of the most popular ships of recent and not so far past TV shows.

Click on the images to learn more about what is shown. (Work in progress)

Angel and Cordelia

Buffy and Spike

Fred and Wesley

Beckett and Castle

Tony and Zeva

Dr. Who and Rose

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